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Related post: From: (Formerly: Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 22:19:32 UTC Subject: "The Passing of Seasons" ff/teen/very cons (fwd) NON-STANDARD DISCLAIMER This story is written for adults and involves a consensual relationship children porno asian between to older teen girls. If you are a adult bully child teenager, we as adults don't think that you should read this even though you are sexually mature and probably have much more sexual desire than we do, but we are merely jealous of your sexual virility. Please leave us alone to *fantasize* about being your age once again. I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until you're at child porno fuck least 18 before you can have your own fantasies. Preferably you should wait until you're at least 30 or older, that way you can really have something to fantasize about: your very own teenaged years! I would appreciate any *positive* feedback about this story, including your feelings as you read the story. Enjoy! "The Passing of Seasons" Chapter 1 By Linda B. It had been a week now since we moved in, but still I was a stranger in my new home. My thoughts drifted back again to the place I left behind like so many times before. My old familiar friends, the school, the park. It all faded in in and out of my mind as I watched the small boats in the harbor bob gently up and down. Oceans waves crashed ashore tgp childs behind me, momentarily silencing the playful screams of the children. The sun was setting on the long days of summer, soon there would be another school year starting. I would be the "new" kid. That was something I didn't want to face. I wanted hardcore childporn to run away, back to my home. Back to a place where people knew my name. A place where I didn't have to "make" new friends. One where they had been made long ago. Now, this boardwalk was my only friend, my place of refuge. But I was alone here. Until another long shadow on the wood slowly merged with mine. She stood next to me and watched out over the little cove, not saying a word. Then the screeching of seagulls above made us both jump. "God did that scare me!" She broke the silence. I turned to face her. "Yeah, it scared me too." It was hard to face what I could only dream of looking like. A face that was something out of a fashion magazine. She seemed to glow in the warmth of the afternoon sun with her blond hair blowing wildly in the ocean breeze. I could only look with envy at a body that filled perfectly every girl's dream. A thousand miles from my mine, I desperately wanted it to go away. Did they all children thong gallery look like this in California? Everyone from back home seemed to think that way. I could only hope that they were wrong. Then came the words I dreaded to hear. "So....Are you new here?" "Umm...." I looked down almost in tears. "Yeah". "I don't mean to be nosey... but I've noticed you been coming here every day around the same time. I wanted to get to know you. I know what it's like.... to be in a new place." There was no way to hold back the sobs and child diapered tears from coming, they gushed out of me like a river. A hand reached over and covered mine. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." "It's Ok." I tried to snap out of it. "I really have to go, my parents still have this thing about me being out in the dark." It was hard to lie to her. "Will you be back tomorrow?" She asked. "Uh....OK." I smiled. The red sky was fading into childporn free trailer darkness as I slowly walked away. "Oh, my name's Jenny. What's childs porno pics yours?" I called back to her as I continued down the boardwalk. "Sarah." "See you tomorrow, Sarah." Summers were long here, longer than summer vacations. Only three weeks were left until school started, a thought that haunted me throughout the next day. I could see Jenny in a circle of people gathered on the beach sand. She waved, motioning for me to come over while I walked down the boardwalk. I shook my head shyly. Why would they want to talk to me anyway? She was just trying to be nice. She must be incredibly popular, I thought. Every guy around would be trying to get her attention while I would be ignored with occasional small talk to make me feel included. That's how it would work. No thanks. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a figure getting up and running over. "Hi Sarah!" Jenny jumped up on the wooden deck. "Would you like to meet some of my friends." "Not right now." I answered. "I'm still having a really hard time here." Jenny looked into my eyes. "Can we talk about it? Hey, you want to take a walk down the beach?" I followed her out across the sand with the wind blowing her long white dress. A white which contrasted against a whole summer of suntan. My bare feet felt like they were on fire when we finally reached the water's edge. It was such a beautiful place, why couldn't I enjoy it? I kept thinking about how left out I felt. "Where are you from?" Her voice was soft and yet strong. "Nebraska, from a really small farm town. Hey, I'm sorry about not wanting to meet your friends, it's too intimidating for me. Everyone here is so....well more attractive than me." I looked down at the hard wet sand as we walked. She stopped, putting her hand under my chin. I couldn't avoid her gaze. Those wild eyes of hers seemed to be ablaze. "I think your pretty." "Do you real-" The sudden roar of an incoming waved drowned out my words. She grabbed my hand running and pulled me away from the rising tide. Was it the warmth I felt against the cold water surrounding me that touched me so deeply? That made me feel so alive inside and so full with feelings. Just as suddenly as she had held me for that brief moment, her hand was gone, leaving me with a sense that there was still so much more. We both sat down in sand, still out of breath with laughter. The sun was now a half circle on the horizon. Jenny held out her hand. "Can we be friends?" "OK." Our handshake lingered on a little longer than usual before I answered. "Do you really think I'm pretty, or are you just trying to make me feel better?" Jenny returned something between a smile and a frown. Her look turned more serious when she spoke. "Of course I was serious. You have a kind of special a wholesomeness. It's hard to describe. I hope I'm not embarrassing you or anything." "It's funny, I don't mind being a little embarrassed with you. I feel like I can trust you." "Isn't that what friends are for?" She made little circles in the sand with feet like she was writing something. We moved toward each other slowly and hugged. Those feelings welled up inside of me again like a spring. Our bodies as one, I felt waves of emotion pass between us. But it was too uncomfortable for me to have those feelings with her, so I pulled away ashamed. There was a look of understanding on her face that told me everything was all right. I needed someone to tell me I was all right. It was that strange mixture of warm romantic feelings of love and the shameful guilt of having them with another girl that made me feel confused. What was wrong with me? Or was there anything? Jenny noticed my quietness as I stared out to sea. "What's wrong, Sarah?" "Oh, nothing....." I could tell that answer wasn't going to work. "OK, this is really going to be hard." Jenny reached out and gently held my trembling hand. "It's OK. You can trust me." I knew she was right. "I...I have some feelings when I'm with you, It's not like love or anything, don't worry. It's probably because I'm so needy right now, so insecure about fitting in with everyone, going to school, it's just really har...." I broke into tears again. "I'm really sorry Jenny...I don't nude chiled mean to be this way." "Can I hold you?" She held her arms open and her eyes seemed to beckon me. I slid over into her enveloping embrace. It felt even more wonderful in her arms crying like a baby. Through my teary child porn 13yo eyes I watched the last rays of sunlight disappear into the waves as she slowly rocked me back and forth. At last my tide of my tears had subsided. "Jenny?" I whispered. "Do you have a lot of boyfriends?" She chuckled, throwing her long hair back. "They only want one thing, to get into my pants, I'm tired of it. There just seem so immature at our age. They don't know anything about real love." "Do you?.....Know about real love, I mean." I blushed. "I know a few things, mostly self taught. But I'd like to learn more. How about you?" I stared up at the passing seagulls. "Yeah, I think there's probably a lot to know. I've read a few things, but that's about it." I knew there had been a lot of changes going on over the last few years. Being a teenager was really hard, I knew that. I felt so alone. My parents, well they tried to help, but they didn't really understand what I was going through. I just need someone to help me find out who I am, I thought, while the sky overhead slowly turned from blue to black. There were new excuses why I needed to go. But mostly I was just getting to uncomfortable. It was really threatening to let someone get this close to me, not just physically, but emotionally too. Jenny had broken through some sort of barrier with me, I can't explain it. "Tomorrow?" asked Jenny. I nodded, walking away into the twilight sand. I hadn't told anyone about her. Not that there was a lot of people to tell anyway. That would probably spoil all those tender feelings I was having as I lay in my bed thinking about Jenny. About how we would meet again at the boardwalk again at the same time, my special friend. My secret friend. Another day had dawned with the light streaming in through the window. I sat on the edge of my bed contemplating the coming school year. The passing of the seasons was always a sad time for me, especially when summer turned to autumn. Like a sunset, it was watching something you love go away. I had seen enough of that when we had said goodbye to everything I had ever known. It was easy for me to imagine my childrens porn pics friends. How they envied me because I was moving to a place they could only dream of or watch on TV. And I had shared that same excitement too. Now I would trade places with any of them. Then my thoughts found their way back to Jenny. Jenny. My sweet memories of her still lingered as I rummaged through my drawers in search of something to wear. High above from my window, the view of the beach was beautiful. Only a handful of people were there now to walk their dogs or jog. Each day would bring fewer and fewer of them to our little seaside town. Just another way to say the summer was over I guess. I never gave what I wore that much thought, but I couldn't decide today. Was it because of her? I stirred through my suitcase, still opened in the middle of the floor. It was packed with warmer clothes like wool skirts and sweaters. Remembering how cold it had been last night, I put aside a skirt and matching sweater for later. So what would Jenny think is pretty? Probably nothing that would look good on me. We dressed so differently. She to show off all that she had and free pics child me to hide all that I didn't have. I would spend most of this day as I had with others, sitting around in my room. Time could only drag along with the anxiety of my coming meeting with Jenny. I put on the pleated wool skirt child fetish and a pretty white blouse with a lace collar. Then a sweater with embroidered flowers on it. The whole thing looked kind of preppie. Suddenly I just didn't like any of my clothes and wished that Jenny was here so I could just ask her to help me. I could see her occupying my usual spot on the boardwalk as I approached. There was a big warm smile and a wave when she saw me coming. Her raised hand shielded the setting sun as she spoke. "Hi! Cute outfit." A thumb went up. "Thanks." I grinned, enjoying her attention. She xxx child pic was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans today with a child rompl videos t-shirt. A sweater was draped over her shoulders with sleeves tied together in front of her. We looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. "I was thinking we could go out to the end of the beach and climb up on the rocks." Her finger pointed the way. "It's low tide now." We ran like the wind that blew the kites high up ilegal child sites in the child photo naked afternoon sky, chasing the birds along the water's edge. Water that no one dared swim in with lesbian children pics it's bone chilling cold and rocky undercurrents. I could see the surf pounding the steep cliffs at the end of the beach as we got joung childs sex closer. Jenny slowed down to a walk, allowing me to catch up. "Oh!" I gasped, out of breath. "It's so beautiful out here and I love to explore new things." "Shall we?" Jenny asked as she started climbing up the rocks, turning back to offer me her hand. I knew childs pics xxx it was only an excuse when I told her I had problems balancing. It was just that I really wanted to hold her hand forever, it felt so wonderful. We found a nice place to sit down nestled among the the jagged outcroppings. Side by side we looked out at the setting sun from our safe hideaway. Holding her hand any longer would have been too revealing, but Jenny gazed into my eyes softly to calm my fears. "It's OK. Are you afraid?" I lied down into her lap. "Yes, I'm afraid of my feelings for you." She smiled, slowly caressing my hair. "What are you afraid will happen?" "This is going to sound really funny, but...what if I, well...fell in love or something, not that it's going to happen or anything." "Have you ever been in love before?" Her voice was so gentle, so reassuring. "Not like this. *No* I mean I haven't had *feelings* quite like this. I feel so silly." We both started giggling. Laughter poured from me as if there was no end to it. Finally we stopped, making eye contact again. Everything was so warm and safe with my head tucked into Jenny's lap. The thought of having to leave her saddened me. She bent down and kissed my forehead tenderly. I shouted to her from inside to kiss me again and again. It took all the courage I had to pull her face back rape child japan to mine and guide her toward my lips. I closed my eyes as we met, eager to embrace her lovely mouth. Intense feelings bubbled up through me as our kiss lingered in the warm afternoon light. But darkness was slowly approaching our secluded hideout and staying much longer would mean a treacherous climb back down in the darkness. I felt torn between my longing to be close to Jenny and our need to get back. We climbed back down the rocks with the last rays of purple light guiding our way. I could already see some of the brighter stars when we said goodbye for another day. "Would you like to come over tomorrow? I asked, afraid of being rejected. She answered enthusiastically. "I'd love too. Where do you live anyway?" I pointed out my house which was easy to see from where we stood. "Oh wow!" She beamed "You're *so* lucky! I live about a mile from the beach." "Why don't you come over at around ten." I suggested. "Give me a call. My number is 5922." With a wave she was gone, leaving me alone with my chaotic thoughts and intense desire for her. My walk back home was filled with a mixture of guilt, joy and excitement. She's coming over tomorrow, I thought. I'm going to be so nervous. My room's still a mess, what will she think? I raced back the rest of way to get things ready for Jenny's visit. Mom barely had time to say hello as I sped up the stairs to my room. I hid most of my clothes, afraid of what Jenny might think of them. I felt really foolish doing it. So far she had liked me the way I was. I shouldn't have to change now. It didn't take long to pick up the few things I had and make my room presentable. A light wind blew my curtains, mature fuck child tossing and turning with me into the morning hours. It *did* feel like love. Those wonderful warm feelings kept telling me. Why couldn't I just admit it? But that would mean I was a lesbian, wouldn't it? I couldn't understand why this had to be so wrong when it felt so right. The telephone's ring finally woke me. I glanced over at the clock and panicked. 9:30! Oh my goodness! And that's got to be Jenny calling. The phone stopped ringing, mom or dad must have gotten it. I flew down the stairs in my nightgown. "Sarah?" Mom called over with her hand over the mouthpiece. "There's a Jenny on the phone for child voyeur tgp you? New friend?" She smiled. I smiled back, skipping over to her. I was sure that she could see how happy I was that my *special* friend was on the phone. Little did she know just how special Jenny was. Mom kept her waiting a little longer, tightly covering up our conversation with her hand. "I'm *so* glad you found a new friend, Sarah! I was children for porno starting to get worried about you." She handed me the phone and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Hi Jenny! It's so good to talk to you children nud porn again. I really miss you." Her voice sounded so sweet over the phone. "I'm feeling so girly today. Think I should wear something really pretty?" That comment made me feel all weak inside, I couldn't wait to see her. "Yes!" I answered. "I *love* pretty clothes. I'll let you go so you can come over right away. See you soon, Bye." Now I was completely nervous. What was *I* going to wear for her? In no time at all I found myself searching through my clothes again. Mom always told me that women dress for other women. She was right. Would she help me if I asked her? I wondered. My mother had a way of sensing when I needed her and soon her head was nonude childs sticking in through my open door, just to see if I needed anything. She seemed almost as excited as I did. I was afraid she might get suspicious though. Wouldn't she wonder why I wanted to look so nice for another girl? "Mom, I feel really silly, but I don't know what to wear. I hope you understand." She nodded coming over to give me a hug. "It's Ok honey. I'll help you. Now let's see.....Let's find your prettiest dress. You were planning on wearing a dress, I hope." "Yeah, yeah, mom." She was making me blush now. Actually I avoiding wearing dresses because of my underdeveloped figure. Suddenly I felt very self- concious. "You know, mom....I think I'm just going to wear to some childs naturist nice pants, OK? I'm afraid of over doing it." Mom knew what was going on, she always did. She dug up some pants with a feminine print that looked good and tossed them on my bed. I searched for the right blouse to wear. I ended up with a plain looking light blue one with a high collar. It was depressing. Until I heard the doorbell ring. My mood instantly improved as I stumbled down the stairs, practically knocking my mother down in the process. I felt my heart flutter when I open the door and saw her. She was absolutely beautiful wearing a peach colored sundress with a tiny flower print. Her hair was in french braids accented nude boy childs by a flower on each side and delicate heart shape gold earrings. I was surprised to see that she had no shoes on, but with such pretty feet, it would have been a shame. I stood there with my mouth half open, gawking at her. I felt kind of stupid when I realized it. "Hi Jenny! You look so pretty!" She blushed a little. "Thanks." Then I introduced her. "Jenny, this is my mom. Mom this is my new friend Jenny." Mom had a big smile on tahi childporn her face. Jenny's gold bracelets caught my eye when they shook hands. She was so glamorous, but not in a showy way. If there was any makeup on her face it sure wasn't much, not that she needed it anyway. She was drawn to the window when we got upstairs to my bedroom. "What a view! It must be so wonderful to wake up to this everyday." I looked at her thinking how much more wonderful it would be to wake up with her everyday, but I pushed those feelings away. The guilt had come back. Had we really *kissed* each other just yesterday? No, I thought, not even willing to admit it to myself. And what about her feelings for me? How did I even know she had them? She turned away from the window and gave me a warm smile. "I really like your dress, Jenny. I wish childporno clips dresses looked that good on me." She tried to cheer me up. "I think you would look nice in a dress. Would you mind if we picked something out together?" It would be so embarrassing to go through all of my ugly clothes with her, I thought. Everything I had was probably really out of style, but I wanted so much to wear something pretty for her. "OK," I blushed. "But please try not to childrens russian nude laugh at my clothes." She hugged me sympathetically. "Sarah, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. I want you to know that." Soon there were piles of clothes everywhere. Jenny would make little comments about each piece we pulled out of a drawer or my suitcase. Mostly positive, she always found something nice to say about everything I had. I could tell her favorites were going into a separate pile. "You have a lot of really cute things in here." Her eyes lit up, pulling a dress off the stack of her favorites. "This is *so* darling! I love these poofy sleeves, they're very romantic." I liked the dress too. It was a dark blue gown with a row of ruffles at the hem line and a lace trimmed collar. I'd only wore it once to a wedding. "Can you model it for me?" She asked so nicely that I couldn't refuse. Couldn't *resist* is a better way to put it! She turned around while I put it on for the surprise. I felt children porno picture waves of warm feelings pass through me as the satiny fabric slid children nudist galleries over my body. It was scary to admit it, but dressing up for Jenny was definitely getting me excited. Especially knowing that it was something that *she* had picked for me. "Ok, you can look now." I announced, turning red in anticipation. Jenny nudist child fotos clapped her hands together in approval running over to me. "Oh! You are simply smashing in that dress. Let's dance!" Before I could object with my usual dancing excuses she was waltzing me around my room in circles. "Just follow my two three." I tripped all over her, giving us both a bad case of the giggles. And those wonderful tender feelings just kept rising up inside me, making me feel so weak all over. We both fell onto my bed with out of breath laughter. Finally I caught my breath. I noticed her adorable french braids again and had to complement them. "Jenny, your gay xxx children hair is so pretty, can you teach me how to do those braids some time?" "Do you have a brush?" She asked, taking my hint. I tried not to be too obvious when I ran over to my dresser to find one. That mischievous smile of her's told me that she knew. I could only hope she was getting as turned on by this as much as I was. "The Passing of Seasons" Chapter 2 by Linda B. I sat down in the chair facing my dresser with the brush in my hand. Making eye contact with her face in the mirror, I watched her slowly move toward me. After handing her the brush I placed my folded my hands abruptly into my lap and smiled just to let her know I was ready. Actually, I was more than amature child nudity ready. I was ready for more. More of whatever she wanted. I felt her hands on both sides of my face, gently pushing downward, ready to take the brush to me. Feeling my nipples pressing out against the soft fabric of my dress was enough make me even more excited. childsex video Starting at the top of my head, the brush moved slowly through my hair, sending warm shivers to every part of my neck and back. All I could think about was how much I wanted to surrender to her touch, to give myself completely over to her. And how I wanted to give her those same delicious sensations too. The brush seemed to glide through my hair a little more with each stroke. "It's *really* soft and shiny. MMMMM....MMMM. I'm just falling in love with your hair!" She put one hand under my chin and rubbed her face on the side of my hair, lightly kissing it. Making me feel even weaker still as my limp head dangled in her hands. "I feel so tingly all over." I blushed at my own confession. Was this getting her excited too? I wondered again. If so, there was no indication yet. And those guilt feelings of mine would still come and go, just petite child nude when I was enjoying Jenny's touch most. Then she slid her hands up my neck, taking almost every strand of hair with them. "Oh! Don't we look so *cute* with our hair up," She gushed, trying out some different styles. For the first time that day I could feel myself getting wet from all the attention and pampering Jenny was giving me. I wanted her to prepare me for whatever she wanted, to make me beautiful for herself. I felt totally lost in those delightful feelings of femininity. Like I was falling through space into her loving arms. It seemed to go on forever before she finally starting braiding my free child fucking hair. First my long locks were brushed back and tied into two sections. Each section was then separated further into three and braided, one section over the other. She smiled at me in the mirror, closed bdsm child abuse her eyes, and teasingly kissed into the air. I felt like I was going to go crazy with desire while feeling helplessly under her command. I anxiously awaited her every move. When the braids were done, they were fastened above my ears with top child porno clips. She admired her work in the mirror gently turning my head from side to side. "You look so lovely with these braids, very attractive." Then she started massaging my exposed neck, making me melt into her hands. I had to talk about my feelings with her. "Jenny?" Our eyes met. "I'm having a lot of feelings right now? It's a little confusing, I'm really sorry. I hope you don't think I'm..... Well, this is making me kind of...." "Excited?" She apparently knew what was going on with me. "And guilty." I added. "I have to admit, this *is* very exciting for me too." "It is?!" It immediately made me feel better to hear that. Jenny's look told me she was up to something. "And you know what else...." "No." I answered, feeling all pins and needles. "I'm not done *yet* making you excited!" With that her sexo free children lips dove into my neck, kissing it up and down and up and down some more. "MMMMMMM-HHHMMM. Don't you simply *adore* having your neck smooched?!" Jenny had both her hands tightly woven into my hair, making it impossible for me to move as she nibbled ever so gently on my ear lobe. I felt completely helpless. "Let's see how these ears taste. Oh aren't these *delicious*! Yummy yummy!" Suddenly she went into a feeding frenzy on my ear, making my whole body break into goosebumbs. Then I found out why she was holding my head so tightly. She knew I would try to get away when she shoved her tongue into my ear. It damn near drove me crazy. "Stop it!" I giggled, weakly attempting to escape. "Stop it some more!" She teased with a momentary pause from her meal. My chance came when she relaxed a little and put her hands on my shoulders. In one smooth motion I grabbed Jenny by the wrists guiding her hands under the front of my dress. There would be no doubt what I wanted now. Precariously slumped over my chair, she struggled to gain her balance while I directed her fingertips to their intended target: my erect nipples. It almost made children rape pics me jump out of the chair when they were grabbed. I felt a surge of blood make a beeline for that excitable spot between my legs. She tweaked my small breasts like radio knobs, desperate to foto children porno find childiren seks collection a station. "Oh!!!" I moaned, writhing in the chair as Jenny twisted, turned and pulled on my nipples making me squeal in ecstacy. Then I realized that the door to my bedroom wasn't locked! A terrible thought came into my mind. What would happen mom came in and saw this? What would she think? I knew the answer to *that* question. She would think that her daughter is a *lesbian*, that's what childporn erection she would think! "Jenny, I think we better lock my door just in case." She pulled her hands out and straightened the front of my dress. I waited until the door was locked before attacking. Into my bed we rolled after a perfect fuck children xxx tackle. We wrestled on the bed laughing. Jenny soon learned that despite my smaller size I was pretty spunky. She spent most of the time pinned down trying to shake me off. Now it was my turn to have some fun with her. Slowly, I lowered my face toward her breasts, making sure she knew what was coming. And shaking her head *wasn't* going to stop me either, although she made a feeble attempt before breaking up into giggles. I practically inhaled those big beautiful globes ignoring the fact that I was soaking her dress in child porn online her process. Hopefully another spot would be getting equally soaked at the same time! "Oh this is *so* delicious, why don't we try the other!" I joked. All of her squirming did no good as I buried my mouth into her ripe breast. She probably could have gotten away if she wanted to, but guess what! nude asian child Besides, I had already warned her that she would only get free child hentai *more* if she tried to escape! I gasped, trying to catch my breath. "I think we should stop now Jenny, don't you?" Obviously not from look she gave me. "Nnnnt.....nnnnn" Her head began to shake back and forth with a teasing rhythm. I tried to keep a straight face. "I...I'm n..not sure we should go any further." "Don't lie to me, it will only make things worse for you!" Threatened Jenny. Thinking about the assortment of possible punishments for bad girls such as myself was a major turn-on. Not that I wasn't *already* turned on beyond my wildest dreams! It just made things even *more* intense. Thinking about what she might do to me next was making we feel weak at the knees. She was going to child pic rompl have her way with me, I was sure about that. I laid my head back off the edge of the bed, baring my neck in surrender. Every inch of my body was quivering in delightful anticipation for what was coming next. I felt like I was in a dream state, floating on a soft cloud of love. Jenny must have loved making out with my neck as much as I did, it sure seemed that way with the endless time she spent there. Telling me over and over how *cute* I was and horny naked child how *soft* my hair felt and nibbling my ears children porn pic here and there. Just when I thought that I couldn't *possibly* get any more excited, I would move to another level of ecstacy. "Can you be in love with another girl, Jenny?" I asked rhetorically. She answered in a gentle whisper. "I love with you." A wave of tingly shivers passed over me when I heard those words. It was so beautiful. Please last forever, I remember thinking. "I'm *so* porno child movies much in love with you too, Jenny. My sweetheart, Jenny. You are so beautiful." That brought on another wave of neck kisses and matching shivers. I lifted her head up and looked deeply into those endless blue eyes of hers. Then our lips met slowly and passionately. I never thought a kiss could make me feel so wonderful. A sudden knock on the door made me shutter. Jenny reassured me it was locked as mom's voice called through the closed door. "Sarah dear? Would you girls like to join for a little tea party downstairs?" Embarrassed, I looked at Jenny. "I'd love to." She surprised me. "I haven't done that since I was a little girl." I finally answered my mother. "Ok mom, we'll be down in a few minutes." Knowing mom she would go all out on something like this: all the fine silverware and fancy china, pretty linen tablecloth and napkins. The works. She always did like to spoil me with nice things, not that I minded being spoiled. I guess it's one of the few nice things about being an only child. And of *course* she would expect me to be dressed appropriately for the occasion as well, luckily I already was. She would certainly be wearing one of her most elegant dresses. Sometimes I got the feeling that she wanted to be my age again. But I doubt she ever did anything like what Jenny and I had just done. No way! We walked done the stairs together, pretending that nothing had happened. Jenny's eyes lit up when she saw my mother's elaborate preparations. There sat my mom in an off-white victorian gown that was just gorgeous. I knew she had been collecting these antiques for a while, but she hadn't showed me this one yet. It was a lace lovers delight, very formal with a high collar, ruffled long sleeves, and buttons all the way down the front. Mother looked just as fancy as all the petite teacups and silver spoons that adorned the table. We all sat there sipping tea as the sunlight poured in through the window. Every now and then I would steal a glance into Jenny's eyes, thinking about how much I was in love with her. Usually it would make me giggle. Mom didn't seem to catch on. She smiled at my new girlfriend. "So Jenny, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you from this area?" "I grew up here, and you? You're accent sounds English." "Quite right you are." Mom emphasized her proper english while watching Jenny over the top of her raised teacup. "Tell me." She clutched the cup with both hands and leaned back in her chair. "Have you any boyfriends?" I spit up my tea into the cup. "MO...UUMM!" I couldn't believe my mother. Asking such a personal question of someone she hardly knew, but that was *her* all right. She was very blunt, very direct, but equally as charming. I figured out what she was doing. It was obvious that someone as attractive as Jenny would be very popular, and just maybe, mom could persuade her to set up a date for me. If it wasn't too much trouble, of course. Jenny didn't seem to be fazed in the least bit by the question. She paused for a moment before answering with a penetrating stare. "Actually I'm looking for a new relationship." "Oh?" Responded my mom. "Do you care to elaborate?" "Yeah, the last one couldn't keep his damn hands out of my pants!" Wholly crap! I thought, waiting for mom's reaction. If Jenny thought she was capable of making my mother blush, she had another thing coming. And mom reacted just the way I expected too, she loved someone who was as tactless as herself. She laughed and nodded her head over and over again, pointing at Jenny. "Well dear, you *must* understand. It's simply not their *fault* you know. It's those *constant* erections that boys your age have. Are you aware that they have them night and day?" I reeled back in my chair from the shock wave. Jenny wasn't short on comebacks either. rusian sex children "Really! And all that time I thought he had a big dildo or something in his pocket!" They both erupted into laughter. I interrupted the giggles, barely believing my ears. "Ok!........ Now that childs sex kiddy we've broken the ice.......Hey mom, I really love that dress, when did you get it?" Even out of the corner of my eye I could see how red Jenny's face was. I childs fucking was embarrassed movie naked child too, but this naughty talk was also very stimulating. I was ready for another *session* with her in my bedroom at that point. But to sit there any longer with my mom would have been incredibly uncomfortable so I made up some reason to get out of there. "Oh goodness Jenny! Weren't we supposed to meet your friends at the beach at 10:30?" She looked a little puzzled until she caught my winking eye. "Oh, that's right, would you be so kind to excuse us please?" A question aimed at my mom. "Of child porn paysite course dear, you two have a lovely time now." I quietly slipped away, meeting Jenny on the porch. Talk about being at a loss for words! The bright sunshine made me squint. "I'm really sorry Jenny....about my mom." "I think your mom is really cool. I wish I could talk to my parents that way." She did have a good point, I child girls xxx guess. Mom had always been open to talk about sexual things, almost too open for me. She knew it was hard for me to talk about it with her. But with Jenny, I felt that I could discuss anything, no matter how personal. It was almost like she was a part of me already, we shared an intimacy that never could have imagined. As we walked past the little cottages along the hillside my mind kept wandering back to child porno list Jenny. Her special touch and loving ways incest chillporn made me feel soft and warm inside. On the way up the boardwalk steps I had to stop and tell her. "Jenny?" I whispered. "You make me feel so special and loved. I feel like I can't give you enough in return." With a tender gaze incest child porno into my eyes, she spoke. "Oh Sarah, you are such a treasure. I saw you when you first came here and I watched you everyday. I knew then that you were special. And I could sense your sadness. I wanted so much to love you and to be loved by you. I feel so lucky to have found you. I really love you, my darling Sarah." I reached out and drew her into a long and deep embrace. My heart was overwhelmed with joy while we held each other, gently rocking from side to side. All I could think about was how much I desperately wanted to be alone with her, but also aware of our public display of affection and what passersby might think. And we were both dressed up so fancy and frilly, I could almost feel the extra attention we were getting already. I wanted to run and hide somewhere alone with my Jenny. Jenny's expression changed to a frown when she saw a distant figure on the boardwalk. It had to be her old boyfriend by the nervousness I was picking up. Noticing Jenny, his direction became more deliberate. Jenny's head fell as she turned around to leave. The brightness of her smile, the light in her eyes, gone suddenly as if a switch had been thrown. I tried to attract her eyes, but there was no response. The footsteps came closer, running now. I knew she would need to leave me, but inside I was calling to her "Jenny come bestiality child gallery back, please come back Jenny." I was overwhelmed by those same feelings of sadness and loneliness that I had come to know so well. The brief moment of what seemed like heaven to me was being shattered as I watched them walk off together. The wave goodbye, the smile. It wasn't real, I just knew it. Somehow she had changed into someone else. Maybe they really hadn't broken up after all, but why didn't she tell me? And how could I be jealous of her going out with a guy anyway? Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Why couldn't I naked porn child just be like everyone else and find a boyfriend? The memories of Nebraska child pussy thumbnail started coming back again. There was mom's unsuccessful attempts to set me up with dates, and there was the barn dance that everyone *else* got asked to. Oh yes, and the teasing that I endured in school about being a "tom-boy". I *had* to be tough, just nude photo children to survive. I never let anyone get close enough to drawings nude children hurt me. But I was hurt now. It was hard to hold back my child nudist camps tears as I walked back up the hill. The house was empty when I got home. I trudged up the stairs after grabbing a few crackers to eat. The only child pix porn appetite I had was for Jenny. But now, the feelings had turned to anger at her for leaving me. Betrayal, that's how it felt when the tears started pouring out again. I cried myself to sleep on my bed, waking to the ring of the telephone. Oh my goodness! My mind raced while still half sleep. Could that be Jenny? I stumbled down the stairs, hoping to grab it before the last ring. But the receiver was dead as my luck that day would have it. Even if it was Jenny, there would be no way for me to call her back because I didn't have her phone number. It was that time of day again when I would go to the boardwalk. To watch the tiny sailboats come into the harbor. To listen to the roar of the waves crashing into the beach. To meet Jenny. I wondered if I should take the chance and risk more disappointment. But her warm voice seemed to be drawing me there. I could hear her as if she was with me. That soft gentle whisper telling me I was so precious and special, so beautiful to her. Her delicate touch stroking my hair with little kisses here and there. Those wild distant eyes of hers. Somewhere within those thoughts of Jenny, my decision was made. I jumped into my favorite pair of overalls and was on my way. Life was going to go on for me in any case. The same strength that been had there to carry me through in times past seemed to surge pics sex children through me again. Growing stronger with each step. I scanned across the boardwalk as I approached, hoping she was there. The place appeared deserted with the incoming fog and drizzle. I shook off a chill, refusing to let it get me down. I thought I recognized a lone figure crumpled up on a beach towel, wasn't that her? Could it be? As I slowly made my way over to her I could hear the sobs. It was Jenny. "Are you OK?" I called, startling her momentarily. She nodded sadly and made a some room on the towel for me. A moment passed quietly while I watched those teary eyes stare out to sea. "Can I hold you Jenny?" I knew the answer before asking. She felt like a wounded animal in my arms, needing to be nursed back to life with my love. She would talk when she was ready and I would be there for her. It felt so wonderful to give back what she had so freely given to me. With my arms wrapped around her tightly, I wanted to protect her from every hurt. My precious Jennifer. "Well, Sarah. It's over boyfriend and me." Her tears were leaving. "I'm sorry." I consoled her with another squeeze. "He kept saying that I was teasing him sexually with the way I dressed and acted, getting him excited then pushing him away. I kept trying to tell him that I didn't want to go any further, but he just kept on pushing me, making me even more afraid of him." Maybe a walk down the beach would help get her mind off him and keep me from getting frostbite, I thought. I stood up and offered her a hand. The joy that I had felt was quickly returning, hoping that she would be all mine now. It was so good to have her back, but I wanted those feelings to last forever. With arms around each other we watched as the waves tumbled ashore. The fog muffled their sound like a soothing autumn wind. I flashed back to my bedroom and our playful adventures there. Would I childporn movies see her there again? The memories of our kissing and touching began to flood my mind. "Let's walk back to my house, Jenny." I suggested. "We can warm up and get into some dry clothes." She felt more wet than I was, shaking from the cold. Her sad face made me wish that I could warm her up on the inside too. Then I remembered that my parents were going out tonight with some friends and mom said they wouldn't be back until late. We would have the house to ourselves though Jenny obviously wasn't in the mood for anything sexy. It was almost completely dark when we got to my house. Suddenly I realized that the days had gotten shorter. And that meant school again, boy was that a depressing thought. I put some soup on the stove and looked over at Jenny. "Do you know what I could use right now?" Her eyes lit up just a little when she asked me. "A nice, long hot *bubblebath*. Like to join me?" "Oh yes! I'd love to!" I answered excitedly. It felt so nice when my nipples reached out and brushed against my shirt. It was going to really be hard to leave her alone, but I would have to, remembering what she had said about her boyfriend. Of course it wouldn't hurt to try getting her in the mood, would it? I had plenty of ideas for that. Just thinking about it was making me feel all soft and feminine inside. And the idea of taking a bath with Jenny. How delicious. Luckily we had child porno ukraine a big tub. "The Passing of Seasons" Chapter 3 by Linda B. Neither of us felt like eating a whole lot so we shared a little of the hot soup before moving on to the *main* course: the hot bath. I led Jenny by the hand into the bathroom with the 6 foot tub then slowly undressed her. Stopping after each piece to caress her childfuck clips skin and tell how her pretty she was all over. She was obviously getting turned on in the process. Oh, well. Some things I just can't help! The poor thing's clothes were soaked to the bone. Nothing that a nice warm snuggle couldn't fix. Then it was her turn to take off my clothes. It started with a long hug before I heard my overalls' suspenders come unbuckled. Then they were pulled down followed by thousands of tiny kisses all over my neck and shoulders, then my breasts got some extra special attention, making me giggle with delight. I was so glad that Jenny was feeling better. After pouring in some of my favorite scented bubble bath I started filling the sexy child galleries tub. We jumped in and childfuck xxx watched the water turn into a rich layer of girly smelly foam. There was just enough room for us to fit side by side in the tub and it was a good thing that we both didn't mind such close quarters. "I forgot childs sex free something, sweetie." I informed Jenny, petting some bubbles on her hair. I returned quickly with some candles which were placed around the tub and lit. Soon we were together again in the warm flicker of candle light gazing into each other's eyes. I slid her forward in the tub and got behind her so that she was kind of sitting in my lap, then went to work planting gentle kisses in rows across her back. She let out little ooohs and aaaahs as I went. Gathering up child nude sex her hair above her head, I pushed it forward and commenced to nibbling the back of Jenny's neck. Remembering her teasing last time I decided to do some of my own. "Oh, Jenny! Don't you simply *adore* having your neck nibbled? Wouldn't you just *love* some juicy little smootchies here...and here...and here." I marked each spot on her neck with children foto nude kiss, then ran my hands along the very tops of the freshly formed goosebumps to keep them hentai child video going. She squirmed around in the tub making me hold her tighter. There would be no escaping from my relentless kissing attacks on her neck. None! Then I leaned all the way back in the tub taking her with me. "Just relax, Jenny. That's it." I comforted, holding her close to me. Jenny put her hands over mine and caressed them delicately. "Sarah, I feel so vulnerable like this." "And loved." I added. My hands childs vulva photos found there way to her breasts where they were gently massaged and squeezed. I scooped up a handful of the bubbles and rubbed some on each breast, letting only the bubbles touch her. "Oooooooh!" She wiggled. "That tickles!" I whispered back in her ear, "I really love that soft crackling sound the bubbles make when they pop. Close your eyes and listen......Can you hear it?" While she wasn't looking I grabbed some bubbles and pushed them into her ears, laughing. The next thing I knew she had turned around and pinned me against the back of the tub. It looked like I was going to *get* it now as I weakened from my own laughter. First my chest was getting kissed before those little teasing excursions to the undersides of my breasts started happening. And they continued, all the while my weak resistance fading. Waves of feminine emotion swept over me like a cozy blanket. My nipples were now getting sucked, pulled and licked in every possible direction. It felt like my entire breasts were glowing as a warm electricity flowed through my body. But at the same time I became very aware of how small my breasts were and how it embarrassed me that Jenny's were much bigger. "Jenny, do you think my breasts are small?" She took a short break from her sucking to answer. "Oh, people like to make too big a deal out of that. These are just the right size for snacking!" childrens sexi videos She dove in for some more before continuing the conversation. "And they're *so* much more sensitive, aren't they?" All of a sudden she started gently biting my nipples almost to the point that it hurt, rendering me completely speechless. I thought I was going to shoot through the ceiling with intense pleasure. "I didn't get an *answer*! I *asked* you if they are sensitive." Laughed Jenny. By child black porn the time I could answer my nipples were being punished again. She seemed to know exactly how far to go, never quite crossing the line between pain and pleasure, but pushing me just beyond what I thought I could handle. I felt as if I was being stretched just like my nipples. And, oh yes, my breasts were sensitive all right, I finally admitted to Jenny, but then again, she could make me say anything the way she was eating them! "I think it's child illegal time to see how sensitive *your's* are sweety!" I invited her switch places with me. She laid all the way back in the bathtub and closed her eyes. I had a another little teasing session planned for her, hopefully she enjoyed being teased as much as I do. But then, she was going to get it whether she wanted it or not! It came in the form of sniffing, all over the front of her body, especially near the boobs. I sniffed her up and down like some sort of sex starved wild animal. I sniffed her nipples really good making them stand up and take notice. "Stop that.....he-he-he" She giggled so cutely pulling her head down into her shoulders. Then her breasts got even more sniffing with little hesitations as if I was on the trail of something yummy. Next I went around and around hardcore child gallery them acting like a vacuum cleaner, sucking just above the surface. She whined something about it being too cold, *and*, of *course*, I should stop immediately. I ignored the whole thing and continued to tantalize her nipples with little promises of attention, before leaving them again and again. I could definitely tell that all this was driving Jenny off the deep end. That was right before I felt her fucket yong child hands grab the back of my head to pull me forward. I struggled to hold back, but it was no use. My face was on a collision course with her breasts! My lips touched down just to the side of her nipple as she mashed my face into them. There was no way out of this one! She kept rubbing me all over her boobs like a washrag, laughing and sarcastically children fucking anal making fun of my predicament. "Oh, Sarah? Did you finally find them darling? I felt *so* sorry for you searching like that for them. Aren't you glad I helped you? Isn't this *just* so much *fun*?!!" My mouth was lost in her breast and there was simply no way to answer. "MMMMMMM...LLLL...MMMMM....SHHHHH" was about the best I could do. There was only one thing left to do.....I would have to suck childrens designer underwear my way out! How would she like a few *hickies* in here! I couldn't help but wondering. Probably wouldn't even notice them! Ha-ha-ha! Having never actually *given* anyone a hickey, I wasn't even sure I knew how to do it. But I guess it was worth a try. With everything moving there was no way to get a hold of her skin until the moment I had been waiting for arrived: Jenny took a break. I latched on to her skin, just to the right of the cleavage and sucked as hard as possible. Any harder and blood would have been drawn. "Hey! What are you...!" Jenny sounded a little angry as she yanked my head away. Somehow I had this terrible feeling that she just *might* have made it worse by doing that, but I wasn't really sure. That is until I saw her breast! Oh my goodness, I worried. "Hiiiiiiii, Jenny." I smirked, trying not to stare at the devastation. "Look at me! She turned my face toward russian child nudity hers, trying to keep a straight face. "Did you give me a hickey on my breast? And don't you *dare* lie to me either!" "Uhmmmmm.....I.....could have, but not really on purpose....I mean.... I didn't *mean* to." I was really worried when she spread her breasts apart to take a closer look. Her eyes opened incredibly wide when she saw the silver dollar-sized hickey with almost every color in the rainbow displayed. Oooops! Instead of being mad she studied the huge mark with a quizzical look. "Do you think it's pretty, Sarah?" I was asked. Without really thinking I answered "Oh yes Jenny, I think it's *kind* of cute." "Good! Where do you want yours?" She beckoned me with her forefinger. "*I* think we should put one *right* in the middle of your neck, *right* where everyone can see. Oh, Sarah dear, It's going to be *so* darling, don't you think?" I wasn't sure if she was joking or serious. "No Jenny, please don't, not on my neck, please." I begged, nervously watching her move closer. "Oh come on sweetheart, stop *pretending* you don't want it. Isn't that the *real* reason you childsex dick pussy gave *me* one? You *knew* what I would do." At that point I was running out of room in the tub to move away from her. I did some fast talking to convince her to do my breast instead of my neck. After all, wasn't that more fair? Then she had another idea: How about a nice little hickey right child porn photo on my nipple? And if I *really* liked it, she would gladly do the other side. Just the thought of her trying made the blood rush to my vagina. I think that was the idea! She motioned for me to come over to her. It was time for the naughty girl to be punished. She held me very tightly, positioning her mouth on the side of my breast. With everything she had she sucked and galls of pornochild sucked and sucked, finally ripping her childsex videos mouth away. It felt like the skin was being torn. Gee, I can't wait to see *that*, I thought. *Anyone* who saw it would surely think I got punched or something. I guess that was the key: Don't let *anyone* see it! We both started laughing, ready to make up with each other. There was no way for me to stay mad at her, not with the fun we were having. I couldn't help think of the symbolism behind giving each other hickies. We had placed our marks on each other, I belonged to her and she to me. But who would really understand this relationship the way we did? It felt as if the whole world would judge us if they knew. It would have to kept a secret. "Jenny? You're not going to tell anybody about.....well....*us* are you?" She looked at me with disappointment. "No way! children nude russian It's none of anyone's business as far as I'm concerned." I changed the subject to children porn sexy something more positive. "I think you need to have your hair washed, come right over here." Jenny scooted over to me, throwing her long hair back into my waiting hands. My hands that massaged the shampoo into a thick lather and played with beautiful tresses. I didn't let a bit of soap stop me from necking with her while I made cute little hairdos on top of her head. Jenny just purred in my loving hands. "MMMMMMMM.....It's feels so nice to have my hair washed like this! Don't ever stop!" I couldn't wait for my turn wondering how much *more* excitement I could handle. How much further should we go? I knew the answer to *that* question already! FURTHER! I finally rinsed her hair and got out my special conditioner. "Ah-hah!" Accused Jenny. "So *that's* the secret of your super soft hair!" I smirked at her. "Only *part* of the secret, so, do you like *really* soft hair? Like *especially* soft hair. Are you *sure* that's what you want?" I teasingly rubbed the bottle of conditioner all over her hair until she got tired of my game and snatched it away from me. We both got the giggles again for about the hundredth time. Once her hair had been conditioned, it was time for mine to get washed. I was got so excited child in incest I couldn't stand it when I suggested that she hold me in her arms while washing my hair. I buried my face into her shoulder and went limp as we embraced, letting her take over with my hair. The shampoo was then stroked sensuously into my hair while I moaned softly with pleasure. "I love to curl up into you and hide in your sweet love." I blushed, feeling weaker with every word. Then Jenny started fondling my breasts with her lathered hands, making our erect nipples touch each other. "Look!" She teased. "They're kissing each other! Isn't that *cute*! Oh, I think they're in love!" It felt like electric shivers were running down my spine every time our nipples touched. Eventually, she would even get around to rinsing off my hair, but not before water got cold. I couldn't even imagine what time it was by then. My parents never came home before 2 or 3 in the morning though, so I wasn't too worried. We got out and dried each other off thoroughly, taking extra care to dry the more *sensitive* spots. Jenny's tanned skin was even more beautiful and soft after our bath so we just had to have another dose of touching each other, I insisted. I went out to my room to get two of my prettiest flannel nightgowns, hoping that maybe Jenny could call home and get the OK to stay overnight. When I returned Jenny had her arms behind her back, making her sexy shoulders poke out a bit more. That grin on her face told me she was hiding something. "OK, what have you got there?" I pried, trying to look around behind her. The only thing child porn mpegs I got to see was her shaking head. "No-no-no, my little sweetheart! We're going to have a little surprise now! Close your eyes and turn around." instructed Jenny. "And *no* peeking or you'll be sorry!" Hmmmm, I wondered. What does she have? I had this strange feeling that I was about to find out! Her warm body touched against mine making me tingle all over with anticipation. She crouched down a little then pulled my head back over her shoulder holding me up so I wouldn't fall. I felt like I had been captured with my neck helplessly stretched over her shoulder. A prisoner of Jenny's love. It started with her kissing my neck everywhere, but I knew there was something else coming. Then she stopped and there was a pause. I heard a soft hissing sound and felt something on my neck. My neck had just been sprayed with perfume. Suddenly I was surrounded by a intense garden of sweet smelling flowers. "MMMMMM" childsex com I whispered. "It's so beautiful to be perfumed by you." With her fingers she gently rubbed the spot on my neck making me want her even more. My hair was then held above my head while she sprayed more perfume behind each ear. The waves of feminine fragrance made me feel completely soft and pretty over every inch of my body. I put both my wrists together in front of me hoping see would take the hint. "Oh no, I forgot." She remarked with a smile, aiming the perfume at my wrists and spraying me again. "Isn't this a darling fragrance, Sarah love?" I was almost too weak to comment, intoxicated by the heady scent. "I think I've fallen in love with your perfume. What's it called?" "La fleur du soir. It's French for 'the evening flower'. Are you taking French this year in school?" She asked, erotically rubbing her wrists against mine. "If this is part of the class....the answer is yes!" Jenny examined the two nightgowns I had brought in. One of them was light pink with thin delicate lace straps, a lace trimmed collar and long sleeves with ruffles around them. The other, my favorite, was off-the-shoulder style with a big ruffle all the way around the neckline just above the breasts. The sleeves were made of bunched up pieces of lace with a bow atop each and three rows of lace trim around the hem. And the soft cotton flannel makes me feel so snugly. I wanted to see how pretty Jenny would be in my favorite nighty so I dressed her in it before leading her by the hand to my bedroom. She was instructed to sit down in a chair in front of my dresser to have her hair brushed *and* whatever *else* I wanted to do to her. With one hand on top of her head I starting stroking her long silky mane, spraying in some of my super-soft spray as I went. The brush slid through her perfectly straight with ease now, making a tiny flip curl at the bottom. *Very* cute. Jenny smiled at me in the mirror. "You smell so delicious, my beautiful evening flower. I want to eat you!" I was grabbed and pulled into her lap where my neck was thoroughly sniffed and kissed in every spot. I was covered with goosebumps by the time she was through with me. *Eat* me! Did I hear that right? She wanted to *eat* me? Did she really mean what I thought she did? "I....I've never been...eeee....eaten before Jenny," I stuttered. "Oh, it's OK sweetheart, I'll take it slow and make sure you *really* enjoy it." I was so excited there was *no* way I was going to argue with her! I jumped into my bed and waited submissively. I felt my gown lift up and her hands began slowly going up and down the insides of my thighs, each time getting ever so closer to their final destination. I heard a soft whisper. "I love these cute curls you have down here!" Soon my pubic hairs were being pulled and kissed. I put my hands over my face as I writhed on the bed trying to hold on to *something*. There was a long pause while I anxiously waited for her next move. Her head was down there already, waiting to dive in at any time. But nothing was happening. I thought I would go crazy waiting. My whole body must of rose a half foot off the bed when I felt her tongue finally slithered into me. It didn't take her long to find my little clitty either. Around and around it went, pushed by her eager tongue. I started feeling like I was spinning helplessly out of control in a storm of ecstacy. Jenny could sense my fear, grabbing both my hands and holding them tightly. "Just hold onto me, my love. I've got you." Even more of that wonderful warmth flowed through me as I listened her strong, gentle voice. Her tongue went at my clit again, this time more intensely and faster. My body was bucking up and down on the bed, there was no stopping it now. I thought for sure I would pass out from the intensity of it all. Then waves of beautiful tingles fell over me like of soft cloud, getting more and more intense each time until they exploded inside of me making my body convulse in orgasm. "Jenny.....I'm falling, please catch me." I whimpered, feeling her arms securely around me. It was as if I just kept falling, falling, falling through space with no way to stop. It was so wonderful I started crying. "I love you *so* much Sarah, I want to make you happy." "I love you too, Jennifer. Your so precious." We held each other and kissed passionately. It all children porn movies felt like a dream to me as we lay there together.
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